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In life some physical and mental pain is inevitable, these are your FIRST DARTS, which life throws at you. Buddha, uses the metaphor of the unavoidable pains of life as “first darts.”


Someone compliments you, but you are insecure that it could be a lie cause you have feelings of unworthiness.

You got an opportunity at work, and you fret about whether you can handle it or not.

You experience deep moments in friendship, but you worry about being disappointing.

These reactions that you notices are “second darts”—the ones we throw ourselves. They include

  • overreacting to little things

  • holding grudges

  • justifying yourself

  • drowning in guilt after you’ve learned the lesson

  • dwelling on things long past

  • losing perspective, worrying about stuff you can’t control

  • mentally rehashing conversations.

As you will notice, second darts outnumber the first darts. Thus, making you bleed from self inflicted wounds on the dartboard of life...

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